Man, do I feel old. My intern Melanie doesn't know who the Green Lantern  is. He's only the most powerful superhero in the Universe, Melanie! When given the power of the ring, nobody, not even Superman or the Hulk could defeat the Lantern!!! Unfortunately, the ring didn't come with a manual and when it runs out of power our hero is more like the Greatest American Hero

When she found out that the Green Lantern was played by Ryan Reynolds and he would be wearing a skin tight suit and very large codpiece she decided it was a movie worth seeing. I couldn't agree more (not about the codpiece and skin tight suit).

If I were to rate the Green Lantern(based on the new trailer) on a superhero scale, I would put it well above Thor, Daredevil and Catwoman but somewhere below Batman and Spiderman franchises.

The new trailer that debuted at last weekend's Comic Con  in London (where geeks go to geek out), and I was mightily impressed. It features lots of new scenes, where you get to see the true power of the ring!