A few years ago -- 2008, to be exact -- Green Day released an album under the name Foxboro Hot Tubs. 'Stop Drop and Roll!!!' was some mighty fine '60s rock -- at least, as fine as one would expect from a West Coast '90s punk band.

In the four years since, Green Day has apparently solved that late-aughts identity crisis; decided that, eff it, they are Foxboro Hot Tubs (because, you know, they are...oh, c'mon, you get what I mean...); and channeled all of that retro rock sound into '¡Dos!', the second album of their trilogy. The album will be released this coming Tuesday (November 13), but you can stream it via Rolling Stone right now.

Personally, I was a big fan of the FHT sound and was pleasantly surprised to hear a couple tracks on '¡Uno!' with it, so I'm basically ecstatic that '¡Dos!' is retro from beginning to end. Green Day actually debuted "[Expletive] Time," the album's second track, as an FHT track a couple years ago.

'¡Dos!''s 13 songs are, for the most part, short and fast: By my count, there's exactly two slow-tempoed songs ("See You Tonight" and "Amy," which bookend the album) and two songs over four minutes long. Epic stuff, this ain't, but that's OK.

After a couple listens and some serious dissection of the tracks -- because I'm a little bit fanatical, alright? -- my early picks for stand-out songs are "Wild One", "Stray Heart" (which, as the album's first single, already has a video) and "Nightlife" because it's just so...different.

As 'Rolling Stone' so aptly put it, "'¡Dos!' may be over quickly, but the tracks will stick around in your head for quite a while."