Have you guys ever noticed that the Ladies Room is usually the longer walk? I’m sure if you’re a man, you hadn’t noticed, but it’s something that came to my attention years ago that I still notice every time I have to go.

It all began at a seedy gas station/truck stop. I’m like a little kid. I always have to go. Traveling with me is super fun, let me tell you. But since I was doing the dance in the passenger seat, this “rest stop” was our only option.

As I walked in, I found the women’s bathroom down this long hallway, way past the men’s room and right next to the truckers’ showering room. It was almost like a trap – I was so far away from the actual store and the men’s room, down to the end of this deserted hallway, where the truckers are naked. No one would hear me scream.

I’m still surprised I got out of it unscathed. (No offense to truckers, I’ve just watched a lot of movies in my time. Especially on Lifetime.)

This made me think, “Why on earth would they put the Ladies Room so far away?” And since that day, I’ve always noticed that men usually come first.

I assure you, this isn’t anything about women should come first and that nonsense. Sure, I like it when the door is held open for me, but it’s not required. Why I care about this particular issue is because I’m usually wearing uber uncomfortable shoes. And remember what I said about being a little kid? I’m usually in a hurry. In these instances, a few extra steps can seem like miles.

And, OK, I have no interest in meeting my demise in a public restroom.