First of all, let's give some credit to Tom Golisano. Sure he pocketed nearly $100 milliion dollars since taking over the Sabres franchise, but he also saved it from being called the Hamilton Sabres. But if you're a Sabre fan you can't help but be excited by the official announcement today at noon, that Terry Pegula will be taking over the team. He's done wonders for the Penn State program dumping nearly $88 Million into the Division 1 program, but best of all he and his wife are huge Sabres fans. So much so they couldn't understand how we let Henrik Tallinder go. If he cares that much about Tallinder, imagine how he felt about the loss of Drury, Briere, Campbell and Dumont. Fans are hoping that this isn't just a business venture for Pegula like it turned out to be for Golisano. All signs indicate that while the business of hockey is still important, Pegula is the real deal and  is looking to bring a major sports championship to Buffalo.

While Golisano was a guardian and savior for the team, Pegula is more in the mold of the Knox family with his eye on the prize. Golisano has been mostly an absentee owner since bolting for Florida to escape New York taxes a few years ago. The sale might not be good news for Larry Quinn, Darcy Reghier, and maybe even Lindy Ruff. It's definately not good news for the current Sabres core of Ryan Miller, Jason Pominville, Derek Roy, Thomas Vanek, Tim Connolly and Jochen Hecht. Hopefully, Pegula moves fast and finally brings a Stanley Cup to Buffalo.