In the spirit of the season, my employer decided to host an egg-coloring contest on Friday. I was ecstatic, to say the least, since my parents only let us color eggs a handful of times. (We were “too messy.” Hello? We were kids! But I’ll save this part for my therapist. ) Little did I know that I was about to be schooled in the art of egg coloring.

But it’s not just dye anymore. No sir. There’s glitter, paint, sponge art and props. Thankfully, I was in charge of the set-up of this event, so I didn’t have time to decorate. OK, so I had time, but I knew my eggs would be pathetic compared to what others created – something I figured out about two minutes into it. And guess what? I was oh so right.

The winner of the contest was an egg that was snorkeling. Complete with inner tube, snorkel and fins. Where do you even find an inner tube to fit an egg? One runner up was a zombie egg, “brains” exposed and all. The ones with the glitter didn’t even place! Can you believe it?

This definitely ain’t your daddy’s egg coloring anymore. Time to step it up.