The BBQ Nationals presented by Townsquare Live Entertainment are this Saturday at the Eastern Hills Mall from 11 A.M. to 7 P.M. Get your stomach ready for finger lickin' good barbecue by watching the guys from Epic Meal Time.

Epic Meal Time is a YouTube series where a few guys cook "epic" meals that include a whole lot of bacon and Jack Daniels. Sounds like our kind of show. The guys have made ridiculous meals such as the "Sloppy Rothelisberger," "Chili Four-Loko", and "Tur-bacon." The episodes often feature the gang grocery shopping, which is humor in itself as they fill up their shopping cart with enough meat products to feed a country. They are then shown cooking and preparing the epic meal, and eventually eating the entire thing. To show how truly "epic" the meals are, they provide a calorie counter. You'll have to watch the videos to believe us.

[Townsquare Live Entertainment]