The warm weather is finally here, and it's the official start of summer!  Now all you need is a reason to get off your lazy butt and get some Vitamin D. Personally, I feel a fun, old fashion game is a perfect opportunity to blast some Jack FM, and socialize with all your friends...assuming you have any. We love twister, and the simplicity of a balloon toss! Just come to our Sunday Fun Day's at Mickey Rats and Captain Kids to see what we like to do when the sun comes out!

Anyway, we also thought, if we can't get you to the beach, we might as well give you a few games to play while listening to Jack FM... because we know everyone loves a soundtrack in the summer time!

Jack FM's Favorite Summer Games

1. Kan Jam

2. Horse Basketball

3. Kick Ball

4. Four Square

5. Caputre the Flag

Here's a few games to take you back... Come on who doesn't like playing hide and seek! If you respond with "HELL NO" you might want to go see someone about those repressed childhood memories.