Last night, the one and only Lady Gaga graced us with her presence. My husband and I were fortunate enough to get tickets to the show forever ago when they first went on sale. It was a stressful procedure, but well worth the effort and price.

I have to give my husband props, though. He has suffered through laughter and ridicule from his friends for purchasing such a ticket. While he endured some mockery when he attended the Black Eyed Peas concert, it’s nothing compared to what he’s heard since the news trickled out that he was going to Gaga. And he may hate me for this, but guess what? It was his decision to go.

Here’s a little background information: I cannot, for the life of me, make a decision. Especially when it comes to finances. I’ll “spend until the cows come home,” as my mom always said, so now, as an adult, I try (keyword: try) to make the best economic decisions. So should we attend? Should we pass?

I’m sure you all have your top performers, dead or alive, that you’d see if you had the chance. My top three are:
1. Elvis (duh)
2. The Doors
3. Queen (with Freddie Mercury)

I’m pretty sure they were all dead by the time I was born, so naturally my top three are unattainable. But I have a few more that I missed in my lifetime:
- Michael Jackson
- Madonna (Blonde Ambition Tour)
- Pink Floyd
- Soon to be NKOTBSB

And so, the wise Joe said, “let’s do it.” Sure, he was probably sick of hearing me whine about it (I REALLY wanted to go, but the tickets were “purdy spendy” as his brother from Kansas says), but he made the decision.

A decision we won’t regret.