If you were a kid in the 1980s, there’s a pretty good chance that you owned and played with the three-quarter-inch G.I. Joe figures*. You probably had a few Cobra figures (so you could keep the battle-lines equal with your neighbor); and if you were lucky enough to have cool parents, you had that exorbitantly expensive aircraft carrier set (i.e. the U.S.S. Flagg, for all of you that are keeping track).

We were one of those kids that didn’t have the aircraft carrier -- but owned quite a few figures, vehicles, and miscellany. But instead of giving them up after discovering girls, we went full-on ‘40 Year Old Virgin’ and kept collecting well past puberty.

So in this list, you get the 10 coolest G.I. Joe-line quirks, variations, and mail-aways. You might also be interested to know that this stuff commands really high values in the collector’s market these days -- so we’ve added approximate values based on recent eBay auctions, guidebooks, and other reputable sources. (Blame your parents later for throwing out your plastic fortune.)

*A special thank-you goes to YoJoe.com for all the fantastic historical data, pictures, and details that helped us sculpt this piece.