We started a movement to Save Thanksgiving here at Jack FM, but despite all our hard work to justify it as a holiday that shouldn't be ignored, along comes the worst Thanksgiving song ever. It makes Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving song look like a Bob Dylan record.

"It's Thanksgiving" was written by the same guy who penned Rebecca Black's 'Friday', just to give you an idea of how bad it is. He has a strange knack to write lyrics about the obvious. But only by watching the song by aspiring songstress Nicole Westbrook, can you truly appreciate just how horrible it is.  And yes, Westbrook is using a turkey leg as a microphone. One thing's for sure, if I get the wishbone this year, I'll be wishing for this to stop.

All that hard work from the Coalition to Save Thanksgiving and then this song comes along to try and ruin the holiday. It's more important than ever that you join 'The Coalition'.