Well, rather than get drunk again and prank the lady on the Butterball hotline, Jack decided to get our turkey on again this year with our third Freebird Stick Up. It's part of our Coalition to Save Thanksgiving (a member of the World Turkey Federation or W.T.F.). The first 50 cars that roll through the Eastern Hills Mall this Saturday, November 17, at 10 a.m. by Sears get the bird from Jack FM. Now while we are giving you a free turkey, you'll have to take care of the gravy and deal with the giblets (whatever the heck those are) yourself.

Listen, it's 60 degrees, and for some reason everybody is rushing to Christmas and forgetting about our favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. The pilgrims didn't topple the Ming Army so that you could just sit on the couch and watch football Thanksgiving Day. They would have expected you to protect the turkey when people started to run roughshod over the holiday.

So get to the Eastern Hills Mall early, and let Jack FM give you the bird. Here's a little taste of what a madhouse it was last year.