I was chilling out on my porch last night, perusing the latest issue of 'Relix' magazine (the first in a rather large stack of magazines I need to catch up on. #SummerInBuffaloProblems...but I digress) when I spotted a familiar name.

Aqueous, who just so happen to be a former Buffalo Band Of The Week, are featured in the July/August 2013 issue's "5 Artists You Should Know" section!

Angela Stefano

"The members of Aqueous know that when it comes to improv rock, what separates the good from the great is a band's ability to use well-crafted songs as their springboard," writes 'Relix''s Ryan Bartosek. "The band concentrates on making each live performance in your face, yet light-hearted -- explosive guitar pyrotechnics often find their way into surprise covers of songs from artists ranging from Will Smith to Slayer."

Congrats to the guys of Aqueous on the sweet national exposure! If you don't know 'Relix', it's 'Rolling Stone' but a little more indie and without all of the politics and pop culture stuff -- It's all about the music, man! -- and if you want to read the full writeup, you can find it on Relix.com.