It's not Lou Gramm's Foreigner, but for 10 bucks, tonight's show at Artpark should do fine. Kelly Hansen has been the band's lead singer since 2005, and what I like about him is, he doesn't try to sound like Lou Gramm. This is Kelly Hansen singing Foreigner. What I don't like is his '80s mullet. Really, Kelly, that thing needs to go.Foreigner, like Journey, is trying to make you forget about their old lead singer and has even re-released their classic songs with Hansen on vocals. I still don't understand why bands try to erase their past.

Closer to Buffalo proper, the move to the Harbor has paid off, and another great bunch of shows -- all of which will cost you little to nothing at all -- are on tap for Canalside this week. Fountains of Wayne, best known for their hit song (and sexy video that every boy who's ever gone through puberty can identify with) "Stacy's Mom," play a free show at Thursday at the Harbor this week. Then, we'll be headed over to Lagerhaus 95 for a Thursday After the Harbor party, where Stacy's Mom is welcome to show.

The next night, Buffalo Place Rocks the Harbor kicks off with the Sam Roberts Band and the very sexy Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. I'm telling ya, she's going to steal this show!

Saturday, it's Buffalo's best jam band, moe! Be prepared for hippies, dancing in circles and rain dances -- weird, but entertaining. These weekend shows do cost money, but I'm sure you can scrounge up the $10.

My favorite thing about the Harbor? The beer price. They could have easily price gouged us, but they haven't, so we keep coming back for more.