That's right Western New York, Uncle Kracker is coming to Jakc FM's favorite beach bar, Mickey Rats and Captain Kidds

We know he has gone a little country recently, but let's not forget where he began... Rock. And seriously who can forget "Follow Me". He also, had alittle Kid Rock edge with his song "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah". Even now, when you listen to his music, it sounds about the same as it always has. I just think music plays where ever it will succeed. 

Anyway,  the price of the concert is only $10, and it goes towards a great cause, St. Luke's Mission!!  Which means, if you only have 20 bucks to your name, you can still get a drink, or maybe even some munchies. Don't be that guy to miss out on another Mickey Rats concert of the summer! Hey, maybe you can even bribe you friends to fill up your tank, if you drive them there! 

Doors open at 3 p.m., and the live music starts at 5 with Michael Bly Band, then Uncle Kracker at 8, and finally West of the Mark at 10. We hope to see you there, now check out the clips below to get yourself ready for Uncle Kracker!!

What is with the blue hair! WOW...