It may not be the most politically correct thing to do, but since it is December 25, I’d like to wish all of you who celebrate Christmas a very merry day.

Before the Carnival ship lost power at sea, waves rocked the Artic cruise ship and the Royal Caribbean ship nearly tipped over in the Mediterranean, my husband and I decided a cruise was the best way to celebrate this Christmas. So, as you read this, know that I am somewhere in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico (hopefully still on the ship and not overboard).

I hope to come back and tell you it was one of the best Christmases ever. Which probably wouldn’t be too hard, since one of my most prominent Christmas memories includes smashing – into a million tiny pieces – a beautiful glass ornament my mother received from her best friend merely minutes after she opened it, and subsequently sitting in my closet, crying for the rest of the day. Yes, it was an accident, and I can actually say that my mother did not yell at me (we have short fuses in our family), but it’s one of those things I’ll never forget.

I also hope – whether you’re celebrating Christmas today, Kwanzaa this upcoming week, Hanukkah a few weeks ago or even Festivus – you are with the ones you love, even if they drive you crazy. And if you wind up crying in your closet, maybe Christmas at sea is the way to go in 2011.

Feliz Navidad!