Over the years there have been some real characters on the Buffalo Bills. From O.J. Simpson and his legal troubles to the on field antics of Conrad Dobler, we always seem to have at least one player who can't seem to avoid media scrutiny. Here are our top five memorable Bills:

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    Ray Bentley

    Ray Bentley off the field was very soft spoken, but on the field was a monster. Off the field Ray was an author of children's books titled 'Darby The Dinosaur', and on the field Ray the monster would wear eye black reminiscent of Alice Cooper. 

    P.S. Awesome mullet! 

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    Darryl Talley

    Daryll recently got into a Twitter war with former Tennessee Titan Quarterback Vince Young.   Apparently the two met back in January if this year and Vince had no idea who Daryll was.  Daryll later tweeted “Just ran into Vince Young.  Had no idea who I am.  Not ok.  Hey young fellas.  Know ur football history.  It’s called respect.  Also will make u a better ball player.”

    Darryl Talley makes this list solely because of his Spiderman suit he was know for wearing under his uniform.

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    Fred Smerlas

    Fred Smerlas is one of the most outspoken players the Bills have ever had. During one of the NFL Player strikes Fred would lead other Bills players and attempt to block fans from entering the stadium to watch scab players who had replaced them during the strike.

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    Conrad Dobler

    Conrad Dobler is known as one of the most dirtiest players in Buffalo Bills history. If he couldn't stop a man by blocking him, he would kick, punch, and trip his opponent to protect the quarterback. If a defenceman attempted to jump and block a pass, Conrad would punch him in the stomach.

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    O.J. Simpson

    O.J. Simpson is by far the best running back the Bills have ever had (sorry Thurman) but, O.J. will forever be know for his murder trial, in which he allegedly killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. O.J. was able to get off on murder charges but could not avoid the law and is currently in jail for life on a armed robbery conviction.