Fashions always come revolving, and we have already seen some 80's fashions revived like skinny jeans and shoulder pads. Here are 5 more 80's wardrobe staples that have become modern fashion.

1. Aviator/Wayfarer Sunglasses: Two of the most essential 80's sunglasses, the Aviators and Wayfarers, are once again in style. Just like in the 80's, both men and women wear them regardless of whether the sun is shining brightly or if it's nighttime.

2. Popped Collars: Men and women alike "popped" their collars in the 80's to give their shirts a more preppy look. Although people do the same today, I think the "popped" collar has a bit of a more negative association than it used to.

3. Women's Spandex: Men everywhere rejoiced as the very form-fitting women's leggings return to popular fashion. Just as it was in the 80's, women wear these things everywhere. Take it from me, they are a favorite of college girls who don't feel like dressing up for class.

4. Flat-Brimmed Hats: These flat-brimmed hats are all the rage right now, just as they were in the 80's. They have been increasingly popular with the younger crowd, as well as fans of pro baseball, who replaced teams' curved brims with a retro flats.

5. Rubber Bracelets:A main staple of the 80's wardrobe was a colorful rubber bracelet. This is a fad that we have seen revived for a while now. It all started when Lance Armstrong created his "Live-strong" yellow bracelets. After those caught on, many other companies and charities began to create their own rubber bracelets with their logo or message embedded in. The most recent development of this fad are "Silly Bandz." These extremely popular bracelets take on the forms of animals, foods, or logos when they are taken off, but look like a regular bracelet when worn.

We've seen all these 80's fads and fashions come back. What other 80's fad would you like to see revived?