Please do not call them strippers, they are Adult Entertainers.  And whatever you think of the people who are either entertain or supporting this particular art form one needs to be aware that somebody may get hurt.

Jennifer Hong from newsoxy reported that an Indiana man sued a strip club over dental injuries during a dancer’s performance. (INSERT JOKE HERE)

Jake Quagliaroli, 34, of Indianapolis sat approximately 20 feet from the stage at PT’s Showclub when the shoe hit him in the face and chipped his front teeth, the Indianapolis Star reported Friday.

Quagliaroli got veneers, which will require replacement every 10 or 15 years. He also got temporary caps and may need a root canal at some future time, said Ali Saeed, his lawyer.

His lawsuit for injuries he suffered during the performance isn’t far-fetched, lawyers say.

“The fact is that (Quagliaroli) walked into someplace and wasn’t anticipating injury, and walked out of there with chipped teeth and potentially lifelong dental injuries,” said Saeed.

I'm sorry, but isn't that the definition of an accident?   ac·ci·dent (k s-d nt, -d nt) n. 1. a. An unexpected and undesirable event, especially one resulting in damage or harm.

I have had my heart broken many times by more than one dancer do I have a case?