Sometimes, father doesn't know best. Wonderwall reports that Rock  Guitar Virtuoso  Edward Van Halen says his dad is partially to blame for his addiction to booze and cigarettes.  In the May issue of Esquire Magazine; Eddie was quoted as saying "the whole alcoholism thing" started when he was young and asked his dad, Jan Van Halen, an accomplished sax and clarinet musician, how to combat his nerves on stage. Wise ole' dad gave Ed a shot of vodka and a cig- the rest is a blurry history.

At 57 Eddie is working on staying sober and the band seems to be getting along. Van Halen just announced a tour extension. They will be at the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester on Tuesday July 17. Can you say "Workday Road Trip". TRY AND WIN TICKETS HERE!

Check out Van Halen's newest single 'She's The Woman' from their new album 'A Different Kind Of Truth'.