Too often we hear about how far "behind the times" Buffalo is. A lot of times, this isn't really true. When it comes to cool-new-tech, it's more accurate than most of us would like to admit. As a tech junky I'm making it my mission to change this, so I'm going to start introducing new companies and products so we can do our part to turn Buffalo into an early-adopter city. NOTE: These are opinion pieces and not endorsements or recommendations of JackFM or Townsquare Media.

Ever want to make money with your car while you sit in an office? Or maybe when you're on vacation or out-of-town on business? Ever want to trade up for a day (or a date) to a BMW or Mercedes Benz? I'd like to introduce you to a company that's officially launching today, Getaround.

With Getaround you simply sign up using your facebook account, post pictures of your car and set a price per hour & per day. Fill out an availability calendar and you're on your way. Users can search for cars on or with the getaround iphone app.

Oh yeah, when your car is being used by someone else they'll be using getaround's insurance not yours!

Here's the only problem...this is what San Francisco looks like:

...and this is what Buffalo looks like:

Let's not be the city that technology forgot anymore, check out

Want a Buffalo based alternative? Check out Buffalo Car Share. It's a little less peer-to-peer and a bit less high-tech but it's born and bred in Buffalo, NY

So what do you think Buffalo? Would you use it to rent someone's car or rent out your own?