Last weekend, the untimely death of the 'Big Man', Clarence Clemons, left us in shock. History will dictate that the E Street Bands's last performance with all its members was right here in Buffalo. Let's take a look back at that amazing concert.

It had been rumored that the November 2009 show at HSBC arena was going to be the band's last due to Clemons' failing health, but now it is certain. Many famous Bruce fans flew in from across the country that night in anticipation of seeing them together one last time.

Buffalo is proud to have had the last E Street Band performance right here. Spingsteen and his band have tens of thousands of fans throughout the Western new York region. The WNY fans seems to have a common bond with Springsteen and his band, as the stories and issues they sing about reflect many of the values people have here in Buffalo.

Here's a live version of 'Thuder Road' performaned by Springsteen and the E Street Band at HSBC Arena on November 22, 2009, their last performance...