Part IV in a series I hope this series will act as Public Service Message to anyone who operates a motor vehicle! If you do any of the things below, consider the following advice, tips, whatever, my gift to you. By changing, any and all of these habits will not only make you a better driver it will make you a better human being.  After all, we all share the same roadways and we all do live in a society.


Pull over to text.  You are not that coordinated to drive and text at the same time.  Try doing one thing very well instead of two things terribly.


See above OR purchase a hands free unit. HOWEVER, if you like living on the edge with the potential of paying New York State $100-$150 Here is a tip:  If you are going to hold your phone up to your ear, at least do it on the right hand side of your head.  Why would you want to hold it on your left, next to the driver’s window, for the entire world, including the police, to see!?!