Reports are surfacing that the ever popular fast-food restaurant, Mighty Taco, plans to open a location in downtown Buffalo.

According to Buffalo Business First, Mighty Taco will lease a space on Chippewa St. between Pearl and Franklin, the prime nightlife district. Plans are to have the location opened by spring.

It makes perfect sense to me, locals often brag about their favorite restaurants to guests, and usually Mighty Taco is on the list. The only problem is, most of Buffalo's favorite spots are located in the suburbs rather than the city, making it difficult for visitors to experience them. I'd love to see other local "chain" restaurants follow suit, like Ted's or Anderson's. Maybe a Bass Pro wouldn't lure people to the city, but some well-known, locally famous restaurants just might do the trick. Maybe that's what the problem is, the best of Buffalo isn't even in Buffalo, per say. It's been said that the fastest way to man's wallet is through his stomach; I'd also add that the fastest way to bring people downtown is through the the restaurants.