One of my first gigs in radio had me playing Dancin' Oldies of the 60's and 70's, so I was sad when I heard that Donna Summer had died of cancer. I didn't even know she had been diagnosed. I remember cranking the musical orgasm part of "Love to Love you baby," in the DJ booth and chuckling as some of the stuffier suits in the building walked by. The last song I played on that station was Summer's "Last Dance".

"Last Dance" was also likely the last song you heard at many weddings, while "She Works Hard for the Money and "Hot Stuff" were staples for all you jive turkeys who used to frequent club 747 near the airport.

Weird though, how the thing most engrained in my head about Donna Summer comes from Cheri Oteri's recurring bit on Saturday Night Live. Guess I'm just not a disco person. But Donna Summer always put a smile on my fast.