Call it what you will.  Bucks, bills, dollas, cash, greenbacks, moolah, scratch, green, cabbage,  lettuce, loot, dough, bread, bacon, clams the list goes on but it's all about MONEY.  Is it the root of all evil?  Can it really "buy" happiness?  According to a new study the answer is...
-YES!  They needed to do a study on this!?!
Linda Carroll from Life Inc. reports that  after pouring over data from 140 countries, researchers from The Wharton School concluded that the more money you have, the more satisfied you are with life

-Duh!?!  I have always said people who say "Money can not buy happiness" never hit a win-fall!

The relationship holds true whether you are a citizen of the United States or of Burundi. As it turns out, the happiness effect isn’t relative; it’s based on a person’s absolute income.

-More money, more problems?  Not true.  CLICK HERE to see why.

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