Thanksgiving sure does get a bad rap, not only is it basically ignored because of Christmas, but it has been blamed for your lethargic post meal nap. Sorry, that was just the Detroit Lions game making you fall asleep (or you're just lazy). It's true that Turkey has tryptophan, whose amino acids is nature's natural sedative, but it turns out that the amount of tryptophan in your generous helping of Turkey isn't enough to make you snooze. If you want to blame a food, lay off the mashed potatoes, muffins and cornbread. It's more likely that an overdose of carbohydrates is what's causing your sleepiness according to the National Turkey Federation (not associated with Jack's FM's World Turkey Federation). Your lethargic mood could also be caused by the boos, so make sure grandma lays off the wine and spirits this year.

Turns out you can get the same amount of tryptophan in beef,milk, beans or just about anything else you consume and you don't see people falling asleep at the wheel after a night at the cheesecake factory. Sorry, tryptophan conspiracy theorists, the science just isn't there.

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