It wasn't even close. The Buffalo Sabres folded when it meant the most, losing Game Seven 5-2 and adding a 40th year of heartbreak for the fans. You might say this series actually ended Sunday when the Sabres gave up two, two goal leads in Game Six. It had to be hard to have any confidence that you could beat the Flyers after leaving it all on the ice Easter Sunday and still losing. The Sabres were outplayed in nearly every game this series and injuries  to Jason Pominville and Tim Connolly left them clearly outmatched. Meanwhile, the Sabres best player was donning orange and black. Danny Briere was a Sabre-killer, leaving a painful reminder of everything that went wrong with this team after the magical 2005 season. Hopefully, Terry Pegula won't repeat that mistake and will keep guys like Myers, Gragani, Gerbe and Ennis around and sign some truly gifted players like the Flyers have assembled. It's not a surprise the Flyers have built a winner. Former Sabre scout and player Don Luce brought Briere to the Flyers and helped to build this team like the Sabres '05 team. Overall, it was a good season, and the Sabres showed a lot of heart getting to the playoffs, after falling to last in the conference earlier in the year. They just didn't show up tonight. So here's to the future. Good Luck, Terry. We hope you live up to your promise of finally bringing us a Stanley Cup.

Watch the lowlights at your own risk: