Much to my husband’s dismay, I was ecstatic for the royal wedding. If it wasn’t for him, I would have planned a party, waking up well before the 4 a.m. coverage to make a breakfast complete with mimosas and waffles for my friends. Am I obsessed with the royal family? No, not really. I, like most gals, just love weddings.

Sure, it helps that the couple is oh-so-good looking. Kate is beautiful and seems perfect in every way. Normally, she’s what I call a bitch, but for some reason, I just can’t hate her. And William isn’t too shabby either.

While the whole fairytale-come-true aspect of this wedding is there, I feel like that takes a backseat. I have to be honest, “princess” didn’t really cross my mind when I thought about the big day. After all, aren’t we all princesses on our special day?

This wedding was just an escape from my own reality. It’s a nice way to relish in the luxury and beauty of others. And if my husband has a problem with that, so be it. He better just hope I don’t become inspired to plan a vow renewal ceremony.