Expect some new Dave Matthews Band Material at the Darien Lake Show, the band kick off their summer tour last night and a new album is expected in the Fall.

One of the best parts of a Dave Matthews Band show is you never know what they are going to play next. Sometimes it's a cover song, or unrecorded extended jam. Sometimes it's a preview of material to come. DMB has just wrapped up sessions on a new album and it's due in the fall according to Violinist Boyd Tinsley who broke the news in an interview with ESPN Deportes.

Why ESPN Deportes you ask? Tinsley is a tennis geek, and there's no way ESPN Americano is talking that much tennis.

“In tennis there is a rhythm that respect, as in music … What I like about tennis is that you’re there only for your own. It is a battle. You must do the best with your instrument as the artist who comes onstage,” Tinsley said.

OK, Boyd. Everybody has their hobbies. Just rock that Violin on the new album. DMB fans can be thankful that Steve Lillywhite is back to produce and we are expecting that classic Dave sound to shine through.. He produced the band's first three albums, and of course there was the "Lillywhite Sessions" a CD that was leaked from a St. Bonaventure University dorm room to the world. That CD eventually became "Busted Stuff," one of the Dave Matthews Band's best.

It wouldn't be July at Darien Lake without the Dave Matthews Band. That show is July 3,and you can win tickets in our freeloader club.