Ace Frehely's playing a free show at the fair tonight, and we thought we'd celebrate by taking a look at some of his former band's, KISS, craziest and oddest merchandise. Of course, Ace wouldn't be too happy about this. After all, he hates his former band for not giving him the credit he deserved. Oh well, on with it anyways.

KISS Baseball

Just what you've always wanted. Ever been playing catch with your buddies only to realize you weren't promoting your favorite band at the same time? Well, it's no longer a problem. This KISS baseball is fully equipped with the imprinted faces of Paul, Gene, Peter, and Ace. Only $79.00 from Ebay, a steal if you ask us. But then again, why would you take financial advice from us?
KISS Destroyer Boots

Next on our list is the Gene Simmons Destroyer Boots, a must have for the fall fashion season. If you've ever thought you didn't stand out in the crowd enough, these are the perfect pair of boots for you. These things are tall enough to keep your whole legs warm while giving off a "I love KISS enough to wear these" vibe. For only $399.00 from Amazon, why don't you pick up a pair for yourself.

KISS Kasket

This next item is for diehard fans only, and we emphasize the word "die." If you've ever said you'll be a KISS fan "to the grave," now's the time to put your money where your mouth is. For a few thousand dollars, you can spend eternity in a coffin designed by your favorite band. It also "doubles as a drink chiller while your still on earth." Have you talked to your family about funeral costs yet? Well you should, and make sure you'll be buried in one of these.

There are a countless number of different merchandise and memorabilia for KISS. From condoms to t-shirts, and everything in between, KISS may have the greatest collection of fan-gear by any band.