It would seem that Mark Zuckerberg just can't shake his past! Hopefully this last court ruling will be the end of the Harvard twins that "claim" Zuckerberg stole their idea.  Do I hear "Social Network 2" in the future?... Let's hope not! The first one was extremely interesting but I'll be honest it was definitely enough.

According to Yahoo News Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are stuck with the $20 million and partial ownership which they settled with in 2008.  Why did they go back to court?? Oh because Facebook has grown in value over the years... Wait since they have partial ownership that means the value of their settlement increased to $160 million!

They should stop going to court and use their money toward time better spent. Why would they want more? Is it because they have to share? We all know today's youth has a difficult time sharing, especially big things!