Roger Goodell isn't exactly guaranting that the Buffalo Bills will stay in Western New York, even if they negotiate a new lease. Charles Schumer will give a stump speech in front of Ralph Wilson stadium today saying he has a plan to keep the team here long term, but the timing is weird considering Schumer has not taken part in any negotiations between Erie County and the Bills so far. The reality is we could lose the Bills. Are you ready for that contingency?

The Bills frequently come up when talk of moving two teams to Los Angeles is mentioned. Despite Western New York's support of the Bills over the years, it seems that greed may trump our best efforts once Ralph Wilson dies. There is no buyer in place, and the team will likely go to the highest bidder. After the heartache of losing the franchise, you have to wonder would we be better off without the Bills.

When Goodell says "The fans have to do everything they can to support the Bills," he really means we have to be willing to bend over backwards and succomb to the high tax burden that will be placed on our community to keep them here. Stadium rennovations will cost upward of $200 million, a new downtown stadium much more.