I have a confession to make: I am an '80s reject.

Yes, calling myself a “reject” is a little harsh, but the reality hit me hard while hanging out at The Pink on Allen. My friend and I were talking about current music (well, she was talking, and I had a giant question mark over my head), and I blurted out, “I listen to most music from 1985. I have no idea what's going on!”

I always knew I loved the '80s, but that was the moment I realized how much that decade shaped my taste in clothing, music and even what slang words I use. Every chance I get, I'm tuning into Jack FM (It's true! No shameless promotion intended!) on car rides, watching '80s music videos and out on the dance floor whenever I'm at a club that plays a retro set.

Pointy boots? Check!

Crimper? Check!

Lace Gloves? Check!

'80s Reject? CHECK!

I've most recently caught myself asking my friends, “Did you know there is a video for this song?" only to usually be met with an odd look or a simple reply of, “Meagan, why do you know this song?”

I was an MTV kid in the '80s. My parents didn't have cable, but my metalhead friend who lived upstairs did, and so my fascination with music videos was born. I would spend hours on Sunday mornings watching videos for songs by everyone from Huey Lewis and the News to Warrant, memorizing the words and often wondering, “Is that a guy or a girl?” I even remember hiding behind the chair during Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video premier because the video scared me as a young girl. Good times!

You really need to have a good sense of humor as an '80s lover, so let me hip you to some awesome literal videos that DustFilms produced. I especially love the Billy Idol “White Wedding” literal video -- too funny!