No, you weren't mistaken. AC/DC will be releasing a series of custom wines in their home country of Australia. This does seems like odd pairing, we always thought AC/DC was more of the custom beer type of band.

The band will play off some of their popular song titles with the wines, releasing "Back in Black Shiraz", "Highway to Hell CabernetSauvignon", "Hells Bells Sauvignon Blanc" and "You Shook Me All Night Long Moscato."

While we are excited about the new beverages, it is puzzling for two reasons. One, in 1980their original lead singer Bon Scott diedafter choking on his own vomit from excessive drinking that night. Second, lead guitarist Angus Young is a known teetotaller, meaning he abstains from alcoholic beverages. He most likely adopted this philosophy after Scott's tragic death. With those two points in mind, it seems a bit odd that AC/DC is sponsoring an alcoholic drink. Then again, money talks, and no one knows that better than AC/DC who wrote a song about it:

Either way, AC/DC will be asking fans to "have a drink on me" and enjoy their new series of wines that will surely be a hit with both fans of AC/DC and fans of wine that rocks hard.