JACK FM is everywhere all at once and at the same time nowhere at all. Here's where you can find us...or not. Either way, these events are still going to be fun.

  • Badfish

    The Town Ballroom

    Friday, February 28

    Badfish...no thanks, will take the good one. We will, however, be at the Town Ballroom to enjoy this incredible tribute to Sublime done by Badfish. One night only, so come out, smoke 2...or 3...or however many you want -- just make sure you include Buffalo's Jack FM in the circle.

  • BPO Rocks: The Beatles Classic Mystery Tour

    Kleinhans Music Hall

    Saturday, March 1

    Is there anything better than the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra rocking out some Beatles tunes? Yeah, we have to agree that Paul, Ringo, George and John would be way awesome...but that'll never happen. Don't miss this great opportunity to hear your favorite songs in a different light. They say you want a revolution...well...this will have to do.