Colors In The Air is comprised of four members: Brian Miller the singer and guitar player, Justin Walker on guitar as well, Mike McGranor on bass, and Pat Williams on drums.

We're in the indie rock genre.  We try to keep our music (especially the music we're recording now) easy to listen to and sing along to. The drums sit on the border of rock and dance beats, while the guitars set the mood and are covered with an assortment of effects and reverb to give it somewhat of a spacey vibe.

We are influenced by Radiohead, Coldplay, Our Lady Peace, Smashing Pumpkins, tons of '90s music and a bit of '80s.

Take a listen to our song "Going Home":

If you could create your dream tour, which bands would you bring along with you and why?

Probably the Smashing Pumpkins. We're such huge fans of these guys.  They were super edgy and hugely original. They made weird seem cool and were modest about their success every step of the way.

Was your song "Blue" really featured in a Zac Efron movie?

No -- not the movie. We received word our song was being used for 'Zac and Zeus', which led us to believe because it's Zac Efron and Zeus was his dog, but have no idea where the song is being used. Maybe there's a video game out or something for it.

Our song was used, however, in MTVs 'The Real World: Brooklyn' season finale, and it also plays in a Tesla S car commercial and on the Oprah Network and Golf Channel.

You are in the process of recording some new material at GCR. When can we expect the album to be finished? Any favorite songs so far?

We've recorded three songs recently, which we're very excited to release, and have not made plans to do a full length at this time. Once these songs are finished, we might record more and put together a package CD, but we're not certain about that yet.

What's next for Colors In The Air? Where are you performing next?

CITA is really just focusing on these new songs at the moment. No shows are being booked until the band finishes new material.

You can find more information about us on Facebook and Twitter!

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