The Rolling Stones are back, and the geriatric rockers still have it. The new single is called "Doom and Gloom", with lead singer Mick Jagger complaining about the world's problems like a war, hunger, poverty, and fracking for fossil fuels. Keith Richards and Ron Woods riffs are still strong, the production is tight and it returns the band to their gritty, blues influenced sound that made them one of rock's biggest band in the 70s. Surprisingly,the Stones haven't missed a beat in their 50th year of making music. In a decade devoid of great rock music, the return of the Rolling Stones is a welcome thing. Now, the next question is "When's the tour?"

The band's famed tongue-and-lips logo also makes a cameo on the new Youtube lyric video and are also featured on the upcoming compilation album "GRRR", with the lips put on a gorilla's face. It's one of two new tracks for the album which is celebrating the Stones fifth decade of music. "Doom and Gloom" is available for download on iTunes, with "GRRR" slated for release on November 12. Listen to "Doom and Gloom" below.