Welcome back to the grind, folks. Need another reason to push that daunting project onto tomorrow’s to-do list? Here you go -- an (in)comprehensive list of weekend tweets from Buffalonians near and far!

CJ Spiller wished Bills showboat (we say that with love, guys) Stevie Johnson a happy birthday. No. 13 turned 25 on Sunday.

On another Bills note, David Nelson spent his last night in Dallas before returning to Western New York for training camp.

Much more importantly, friendly reminders of Rockin’ for Rice in Bassett Park went out, too.

Greg Laswell (fiancé of and show opener for Ingrid Michaelson) stopped to caffeinate at SpoT before grubbing at Duff’s and Mighty. Thumbs up, Greg.

Michaelson, on the other hand, waited to feast after the show at Town Ballroom.

People lamented about inattentive, most likely inebriated folks at Coca-Cola Field. We feel you.

@PowerSerg89 tweeted this hilarious signage at the Sunoco at Amherst and Elmwood.

News broke that Amherst native Rob Gronkowski will be representing Zubaz. We say: appropriate.

From afar, @SalllyO noted a constant Kan Jam presence at Rockaway Beach in Queens. Holla! Love to see Buffalo-born ideas make their way to NYC.

Also, former Buffalonian and marketer extraordinaire, Seth Godin, tweeted about South Buffalo.

People blasted metal on Elmwood, and at least one person didn’t care.

Say it ain’t so! @WheresLloyd caught fire in Williamsville. Not to fear, though. The truck is back in action today.

Michael Bolton tunes played at the mall and so sadly reminded @reigningfrog of the singer. We’re so sorry, Christina. Our condolences go out to your ears.

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