At 45 Charlie Sheen is out-partying porn stars, Hollywood's youth and pretty much everyone else on earth. While the Duke of Debauchery's latest bender all but ensures his induction into the party hall of fame, we have to remember Charlie's been at this for a LONG time. Let's take a look back....

Charlie first went to rehab in August, 1990, 9 months after "accidentally" shooting his then girlfriend, Kelly Preston, in the arm. In 1998, after a week-long bender, Charlie found himself going (going) back (back) to rehab. That time it was immediately following an accidental cocaine overdose he suffered after he injected the drug. If you look at the 8 years between rehab stints as a gap in party behavior you'd be poorly mistaken.

So what was Charlie up to in the 90's? Well one thing we know for sure is he wasn't just making the beyond epic Hot Shots! franchise, he was also spending a lot of time and money (he testified to spending $53,000 with Heidi Fleiss) with escorts and we all know what goes good with hookers...domestic abuse! In 1997 he was put on probation after he (drunkenly) threw his girlfriend to the floor.

Before long Carlos (his real name) was bedding Denise Richards and settling down. For a little while. With the success of Two and a Half Men (Where Charlie plays an alcoholic, hooker loving, party boy named Charlie) Charlie decided to let loose again and a couple of years (and another marriage) later we find ourselves fortunate enough to witness live one of the greatest benders in history.

Since Charlie became the highest paid actor on television we've seen him rushed to the hospital after destroying a Plaza hotel room, go on a 3 day Las Vegas bender with multiple porn stars and just this week go to the hospital AGAIN after a 36 hour booze and (reportedly) cocaine fueled porn viewing party at his house. Charlie left the hospital last night and apparently refuses to go to rehab. UPDATE: Charlie has checked into rehab. Sometimes even party gods need some rest.

So next time you wake up, head pounding, eyes bloodshot and glazed over, vowing never to drink again, just remember: The craziest night you've ever had is a subdued Monday for Charlie 'Party God' Sheen.