There has been much conversation and debate about several changes that may take place which will affect the local downtown nightclubs. Yesterday's Buffalo News highlighted the first major topic involving nightclub events.

The city is exploring the idea of making it mandatory for nightclub owners to file special event notification forms when they plan on exceeding their normal occupancy due to a special event. The idea is to have stationed police officials at these over-crowded places.  Police Commisioner Daniel Derenda cited the City Grill shooting of last August, which was a special party thrown by a promoter, as a perfect example of how these notifications could prevent crime and violence in the downtown area.

Another issue that is being brought up is the possibility of restricting the Chippewa district to a 21+ only area at night time. It is clear that many of the late night problems in Buffalo are caused by minors. There are also ideas of making sections in which 18-20 year olds can go and those which will only serve people 21+.

We want to know what you think. Should young adults who are not of drinking age be allowed in downtown nightclubs? Should owners have to notify police of special events to help with crowd control? Respond with your opinions below.