May 30th is the celebration of Jack's 6th Birthday at Mickey Rats and Captain Kidds. We wanted to take a look at what celebrities share this Awesome Birthday with us, to see if they do what they want too.

First and foremost is one of our favorite television stars, Ted McGinley. For those who don't remember Ted, he was featured on such shows as Happy Days, The Love Boat, and most notably Married With Children. McGinley is also dubiously known for "killing" almost every show he's on. Cast Ted McGinley and you know you're about to be cancelled. Jack is proud to share our birthday with this distinguished Hollywood legend.

Another celebrity that shares our birthday 'Rage Against the Machine' and 'Audioslave' guitarist Tom Morello. Like Jack FM,  Morello is outspoken. He's a much better guitar player, however, ranked #26 in Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.

Another music legend that shares our birthday is Benny Goodman. Goodman was a jazz clarinetist and band leader that is widely known as "The King of Swing". He also played what he wanted and only took requests when he was "In the Mood".

From his early rapping career to his Gnarls Barkley album, Cee Lo Green also shares a birthday with Jack FM. He now has a successful solo career and stars in the singing show "The Voice". Jack FM hears voices in our head (and often talks in the third person). Cee-lo has gone on to become an international sensation just like JACK FM.

One of the greatest running backs to have played in the NFL, Gale Sayers, known as "The Kansas Comet" also shares his birthday with Jack FM. The former Chicago Bear is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the College Football Hall of Fame and even had a movie made about him. Jack FM hopes to have a movie made about us, we just hope the ending is happier.

Now we'd like to share our birthday with you, this Monday at Mickey Rats and Captain Kidds with Jack's 6th Birthday Beach Bash. Admission is free before 2 pm and we're giving you the gifts with a Budweiser Kayak and loads of cash. Hope to see you there.