These are the people that I can't stand in New York – the people that take advantage of the system and give you ever excuse in the book.

In this case, these excuses were all lies.

John Caltabiano who is 49 from the Hudson area, applied for New York disability because he is 'blind' from a work accident in 2009 where concrete hit him in the face. He even wrote "I sit in the dark and listen to TV" on his application and was expected to collect over $1 million from New York, so investigators stepped in.

Caltabiano was caught on video appearing to be reading something, driving a vehicle and then braking in time to avoid hitting a woman and child in the street and holding the door open for someone.

Seems odd for someone to be blind right? The judge thought so and now he's in jail being 'blind' for five years.

According to ABC:

Disability fraud is a big problem across the United States. Last year, the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) received 90,000 allegations to investigate. It also won 1,200 convictions and the return of $225 million to taxpayers last year."