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The Best Lemonade Stand of The 2016 Lemonade Day!
Hard work pays off! Especially for this Lucky 3rd grader :)
Congratulations to Anelisa Rodriguez!!!
She is the official "Best Lemonade Stand for the 2016 Lemonade Day!"
She won with 4,658! You go Girl!!!
We had a great day this year for Lemonade Day, thank you to everyone that particip…
Get Lemonade + Support WNY Kids – Lemonade Day Location Guide
Where can you find lemonade and other homemade treats on Saturday, June 18 in Western New York?
Kids and families all around Buffalo will be heading outside to sell lemonade for the first official Lemonade Day in Western New York, and here is where you can find some of the stands:
Valu Home Centers:
· …
What You Can Expect at Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run
The Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run is the first event of its kind, a new dynamic inflated obstacle run for kids ages three to 11 years old, and it's coming to Buffalo, NY. We didn’t just throw together a couple slides and bounce houses – we took imagination, creativity, and…
Freeloader Joe Gets Ready for Lemonade Day
Jack FM headed over to Valu Home Centers to get ready for Lemonade Day and you can too! Check out how much fun Freeloader Joehad making his Lemonade Day stand.
Be an Entrepreneur for the day, run your own lemonade stand and keep all the money you make...

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