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How Many of the ‘7 Wonders of NY’ Are Right Here?
Only in Your State ranked the seven wonders of New York state, and we thought we'd take a look to see how close the wonders of New York are to us.
Of course, Niagara Falls is on the list and it's right here, but there are a lot of other things that you can do on a day trip...
World’s Largest Rubber Duck Coming to Buffalo
No. That is not a typo. A huge rubber duck will be calling Canalside home for a little bit! You'll be able to take in the duck and grab some selfies during the Maritime Festival happening August 27 and 28.
When they say it's the 'world's largest,' they mean it...
Woman Calls 911 For Completely Bizarre Reason
What? This CANNOT be real. A woman in the St. John's area reportedly called 911 to report her pizza did not have enough cheese, according to Toronto's City News. The technician who took the call called it "completely bizarre".
Apparently the woman had attempted to contact…
A FLYING Taxi in Buffalo, NY?!
A flying taxi in Buffalo, NY. You read that right. A flying taxi in Buffalo, NY, but we aren't talking about the present. But it turns out a two-man 'sky taxi' was developed by Textron’s Bell Aerosystems Company in Buffalo, NY in the 1960s...

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