Have you ever wondered what happens to the stuff that TSA confiscates or is just left behind at the airport? Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials gather mounds and mounds of surrendered items each year, from lotions and perfumes to knives, bats and more.

So were does this stuff go and who profits from the seven million items left behind? The answerer is it could be you.

"Good Morning America" discovered the millions of dollars worth of merchandise left behind at airports each year is available to the public, at a huge discount.

The items that are left behind is delivered to a local surplus stores, were everyday Americans can buy for a huge discount, often as much as 40 percent. Some states even let you but items online, so you never have to leave your home to save.

"Since 2004, when we began participating in the program, we have brought over $700,000 back into the state," Troy Thompson of the Pennsylvania Department of General Services, told "GMA."

A "GMA" tour of a surplus store in Austin, Texas, for example, found designer sunglasses that regularly sell for $300 on sale for $50. And a set a Tiffany's earrings that would retail for around $4,500 were estimated to go on sale at the surplus store for between $750 and $1,000.