We wish the T-Mobile Girl would give us a call. With her perky personality and her slender figure, she makes us forget we’re watching TV commercials. And now we know the fresh face in pink has a name: Carly Foulkes.

And she’s Canadian, eh! Foulkes told My Daily that she grew up in Toronto, and that her parents are British. She grew up summering in jolly England, so we’d love to listen to her accents over 4G.

Sadly, Foulkes also told My Daily that she is taken, but her boyfriend is also an actor, so who knows how long that will last. We’re praying. Carly says she grew up as a band and theater geek, and we wouldn’t mind if the self-described video game junkie mashed a few of our buttons.

Besides modelling and serving as the pretty face of MyTouch, Foulkes has also been cast in an FX series based on the ‘Powers‘ comics. So we look forward to seeing the 23-year-old on the small screen for some time to come.

Tune in to see if she has the staying power of another tall, stunning brunette who pitched for T-Mobile: Catherine Zeta Jones. Carly Foulkes, we can hear you now.