Dinora Rodriguez, from Los Angeles, California has gone public with her failed boob job to warn other women about the dangers of using an unqualified plastic surgeon.

Listen I love boobs just as much as the next guy but when I see two scoops melted into one it breaks my heart. She also had a nip-tuck operation on her eyelids that has left her unable to close them.

Hey Dinora I’m sure you’re heartbroken that you can never wear a tube-top again, but you’re also probably never gonna sleep again either. I don’t think I could handle never closing my eyes to go to sleep. Mrs Rodriguez has to take medication for the rest of her life to keep her eyes moist. A new surgeon, has since carried out corrective surgery on Mrs Rodriguez's breasts. She was able to pay for the new operation with a settlement after suing her previous surgeon for malpractice.

Sooo, maybe we should focus on the botched eye surgery rather than your "uniboob". I know I would rather be able to walk down the street on a sunny day comfortably than worry about my permanent cleavage showing through my  low cut "V" neck.

I don’t think I could handle putting eye drops in every 2 seconds. You know how hard it is to put in eye drops? I tilt my head back and basically just pour drops all over my face and hope it somehow gets in my eyes. I end up with more in my nose and mouth than I do in my eyes. Nope. screw that. I’ll take functioning eye lids over the nicest "uniboob" out there.

Contributed By Scott Schiff