To all those people saying the kids of the new generation need some serious help, you were absolutely right. The 'Making the Bus Monitor Cry,' YouTube video where teens verbally abuse bus monitor, Karen Klein, for ten-minutes on a ride in Greece, NY, shows disrespect at its best.  Seriously though, their remarks weren't even clever.

First, you've got to sit through the grueling 10-minute video where the students continually think of ways to make fun of Klein's weight. She not only tries to ignore the students crude remarks, but even offers the teens the helpful advice that, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Her kind words simply go over their heads. The teens continue to taunt and threaten her to the point that Klein even begins to cry. It's terrible. reports that the Rochester School District has begun an investigation around the students' involved in the incident. They plan to take necessary actions in disciplining these bullies.

Meanwhile, has raised $167, 598 to give to Klein to take a much- needed vacation.

This got me asking the question. Where are all the original bullies? Where's the big kid who took your lunch money ? Frankly, these kids are much worse and don't even have the adept stealing qualities of the bully back in '92. Of course, I'm not encouraging bullying, but if there has to bullies in the world, I'm calling for a bully recall.


*contributed by Marissa Bruno