Looking at the bottom half of the above postcard, can you tell what the old Greyhound Bus Terminal is today? And, no, the answer is not "a pile of rubble" -- this puppy (ha, I'm punny!) is still (mostly) standing.

Here's a hint: This bus terminal was located a few blocks away from the current bus station on Ellicott Street, on Main Street.

Give up?

Can you believe this building is now the Alleyway Theater?! If you look closely, you'll start to see it, but until snooping around the interwebs for this story, I had no idea!

Where the buses used to pull up -- when it wasn't a walkway! (Angela Stefano)

This Greyhound terminal opened in April 1941, and the bus line ran its operations there until 1979, when they moved over to Ellicott Street and the City of Buffalo took the building over for a police station and community center.

Alleyway Theater moved in to the building in 1983, but its actors and actresses weren't the first to take the stage in the building. After Greyhound moved out, in the summer of 1979, MGM used the building to film some scenes for Hide in Plain Sight, which is set here in Buffalo.