We were SO excited to be NUMBER ONE on this list of the nation's top housing markets, and shortly afterward, Buffalo was named NUMBER ONE on the list of America's Favorite Cities.

And then, someone goes ahead and takes the wind out of our sails with this!


WalletHub.com ranked the 80 best and worst cities in the country to visit this summer. They based it on things like the average cost of a flight to the city, average hotel price, number of attractions and the weather.

Buffalo was ranked among the WORST. WHAT?! (Syracuse and Rochester were also in the bottom ten.)

Clearly, the people in the study don't realize how PERFECT Western New York summer weather is because Vegas was named number one.  Have you ever visited Vegas in the summer? You can't go outside.  You'll melt.


So, who else did they deem the BEST place to visit in the summer?

  1. Las Vegas
  2. Salt Lake City
  3. Orlando
  4. Losa Angeles
  5. Atlanta
  6. Dallas
  7. Greenville, SC
  8. Charleston, SC
  9. Houston
  10. Sacramento

I don't get it. Those are all REALLY hot places. Summer is hot. Why would you spend summer vacation in a HOTTER hot place when where you are is probably already having nice, hot, summer weather?

I say POO POO to this "study".  Poo poo all day.